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Community Questions About Next Gen Madden NFL 21.

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Here are some of the top community questions about Next Generation Madden NFL 21.


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  • Makes a refreshing change for the consoles to do all the gamma testing and bug reporting rather than pc users. :p
  • cdrotos
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    Ridiculous that PCs will not receive this upgrade? I guess we shouldn't expect more from a big money company like ELECTRONIC ARTS and EA SPORTS.
  • Do we know if Xbox is going to incorporate controller haptic feedback for Madden 21? If not, is there a workaround to get this feature enabled on Elite Controllers in the future?

    Thanks for any feedback or insight you can provide!
  • Is there a mvp edition for the ps5 edition?
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  • Will we be able to play as the pro bowl teams in matchmaking?
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  • One last question. Will face of the franchise have position battles on the ps5?
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    One last question. Will face of the franchise have position battles on the ps5? Basically I want to know if it's a different mechanism.
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  • I can't even get a PS5/Series S and X even if I wanted Madden next gen. Why are PC Players being excluded? Because EA only sold 5 copies on PC. This is why we hate you EA. The **** series S (basically last gen) is getting next gen, but not PC? The PC architecture is very similar to Xbox, it would be an easy patch.

    Executives at EA wonder why Madden doesn't sell on PC, yet they don't support it. I'm not surprised by this, I was a Madden on PC player in the early aughts. Disappointment after disappointment is normal. At least we're not Fifa on Switch :p. Here's EA Sports moto: If it's what you want in the game, it's not in the game.

    We can't even get a patch in a month or two? Really? No commitment at all? Shame on you EA.
  • Like my fellow PC Madden players have already pointed out... I'd like to point out how garbage of a decision it was to exclude the PC community. If it's on Xbox, it can be on PC. Phil Spencer and his devs have shown that you can put anything from xbox on PC. This is pure laziness and/or greed to sell some new consoles (that are still weaker than a PC). If the consoles were so far beyond a PC, I'd get it. But this sucks.. hard. Gate keeping a big update because I won't buy one of the shiny new boxes. I thought I could trust EA again but I was wrong... as usual. After Anthem, Andromeda and now Madden 21... I'm done buying EA games. I'll just go back to my old ways of playing them... without EA getting a single dime from it.
  • Leaving the whining behind, can anyone tell me where the chew clock option is now found in the next gen update for Series X/S? I can’t find it anywhere. And those complaining they can’t buy a series x, go to microsoft’s page where they sell them and keep hitting refresh, i have one now and two more being shipped on the 23rd. I don’t know why, but it works. The page says sold out, just keep hitting refresh. The STORE page, not the page that lists retailers.
  • What makes the star driven play calling so unique?
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  • Ea completely made madden look better but as of game play I can’t even use what I use to in madden or playbook it has to do with player moment as if they were floating it was better movement on old gen then new gen I think they Ruined it I’m just going to stop playing and play 2k hopefully they figure out out how to make jukes more like old game that seem more real or fix the fluid like movement because I used to be top 9% now I can’t even win a game it sucks am I the only one that see this come on ea fix the movement I need some W s
  • Can playbooks be transferred between Xbox one and Xbox series for Madden 21?
  • I've been trying to get my PS5 copy from the disc to digital upgrade for almost 2 weeks now but customer service is terrible. I have sent everything they asked for I keep getting different people emailing me back asking for the same thing.
    Phone support and Twitter support said I qualify since I had everything I needed but email support has to send the code and I haven't heard from them in about 5 days.
  • Any word on whether these next gen updates have evened out some of the simming stats seen ie lack of rushing by mobile qbs?

    I think it'd be a good indication to the gameplay we'll see with Madden 22
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