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Defensive matchups are broken

last few games I noticed defensive match-ups are not working correctly according to your game plan menu. I played a game against the cheesy chiefs and I came out in nickel vs three-wide set. I pick the speed matchup and my inside linebacker lined up over hill in man to man you know what happened after that. This happened on the current-gen don't know if it's the same on the next-gen. Ea can you please address this issue.


  • This has been broken for years. U can go back years on this forum and u will see me complaining about this. It's getting to the point I have to use Dime formation all game just to play. The game constantly puts my linebacker on a WR as if that's what I really want. I have 3 CB on the field yet they put a LB on the WR. Needs to be a way in the game where we can have CB only cover WR and LB & safeties only cover RB or TE. They need to bring back REAL defensive assignments where I can choose the exact player to cover the exact offensive player. Where the WR goes my defender goes period. If I have a 96 speed CB I want him covering 99 speed Tyreek Hill at all times. Not a different 90 speed CB or slow LB. Even when u choose speed assignments this still doesn't happen in certain formations and it is infuriating.
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