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Equipment Overhaul

1. Baggy sleeves
2. Adjustable handwarmer/towel placement such as front/back or left/right
3. Additional sock adjustments such **** scrunched mid/scrunched low/scrunched high
4. More band locations on the arm
5. Updated ankle tape especially the high ankle tape
6. Rolled up pants for the option to not show knee pads or to show the knee like players such as Odell do
7. Name brand sleeves


  • the socks and rolled up pants are actually against nfl policy. players get fined every week for that stuff. so even though it would be nice if it were in the game if its breaking nfl rules kinda they cant include it.

    everything else is great though especially the baggy sleeves its weird seeing D-Hop with tight sleeves in madden. I don't know how we are in madden 21 and you still can't put hand warmers on the player's backside. Also they should add wrist bands like actual wrist bands. Not sweat bands but the skinny rubber ones a lot of players were them and give us some color options with them
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