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Qb inaccuracy

How does a dl that’s 5 yds away effect Aaron Rodgers throwing, how? That doesn’t happen in real life.


  • It’s madden bro, it a lot of stuff that happens in real life that they don’t got in this game. But I feel ya pain because this is the most annoying thing to me.
  • @acovspadez if it was other Qb’s i would understand but it’s Arod!!!
  • a few questions you should never ask regarding Madden:
    • how could this happen?
    • really???
    • why?
    • can this player beam himself?
    • does this ability work at all?
    • do the stats really not matter at all?
    • how could player x make it if player y never makes it?
    • ... to be continued

    avoiding these questions will save you a lot of frustration. :s
    [please be aware that this message might contain traces of sarcasm! ;)]
  • Hopefully madden can start to work on more on the phase of the game
    passing: trajectory windows scale to fit the ball inaccurate more overthrown balls
    Pass protection create different pocket that users preference when shifting the line ID in the mike etc. having pockets collapse players falling more so than a player being under pressure by someone who's blocked
    Making pass protection random as well players getting blown up double teamed chipped on blocks

    Hopefully the next-gen will track how many times the quarterback has been pressured knocked down or sacked
  • Well they need to fix qb throw away. I was just picked off twice when throwing it away.
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