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Not enough gold or silvers

There not enough players to fill out theme teams. Or is everyone supposed to use the same 5 super players?

If you play with the same 5 super teams , then the have more than enough players. While the other 25 teams or so have tough time filling out a roster.


  • I'm currently making a bucs and Jets theme team. The Jets don't have 1 fullback on the roster. Not even a silver and gold. And the bucs on have Alstott who hasn't played in oven 10 years. I'm trying to make theme teams and using same Fullbacks as everyone else when I can use the roster spots to help out other positions. Every team should have at least 1 person in each position in each team. And I was messing around with a couple other theme teams, it seems like there's not enough Dts, lbs, offense line, to fill out some rosters.
  • I get that everyone wants to play with the 49ers and the Raiders. But what about other teams. I can't even find 1 Fullback for every roster. Before you keep on releasing higher cards , how about lower cards to fill out rosters?
  • agree.

    I'd like to add that I'd prefer it if these gold (and silver) items would be of more value at the beginning of the Madden season (i.e. when the game is released). I do not understand why there should be players 90+ available (as it is with the Team Diamonds master) from day one. silver items are of almost no value from the beginning, except some of them who are needed to fill the roster for theme teams.

    why not starting with just silvers at the very beginning? than adding golds and later on elites? or maybe starting with all players having a OVR <70 at the very beginning? as it is now, you can get to a OVR 80+ team in the first week(s) without even thinking of silver items. it is even worse if you bought a 'deluxe version' of the game (or already have 10 rookie premier items in your item binder).

    for me it is a bit boring if I could build up a team with an average OVR close to 90 in the first weeks. and the remainder of the season it feels like no very interesting items are released anymore since the difference between the player I have already in my lineup and the newly released player is minor. that's one of the reasons why I focus on my theme team from the very beginning without even considering to buy the best available items immediately.

    but I'd assume that behind this is a coolly calculating corporate strategy. if there are items available which are very expensive because the difference is so large, many players are more willing to invest real cash to purchase packs...

  • EA_Blueberry
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    Are you having trouble finding these players on the auction house? If that's the case, let me know what positions and teams you need help with so I can pass along your concerns. For these lower tier items perhaps there needs to be a pack on the store that can be purchased with coins that gives you an option to select a FB from all 32 teams?
  • I'm on the auction house and at least 20 different teams don't even have 1 fullback on there roster. Not silver, gold or elites.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thanks, @jaymoe316!

    I know a lot of players will either put a RB or TE in the RB slot for their teams, so unless it's an elite FB they're hardly used. That could be part of the decision behind why there isn't a wide abundance of FBs, but I'll pass along your request!
  • jaymoe316
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    edited January 2021
    The problem is when you put a halfback or tight end. You don't get chemistry. Which is one less spot on your team for chemistry purposes.
  • I had to fill out my theme team with many PUs of players on other teams and rely on their historic team chemistry to pad out my ThT. Have you considered this?
  • I do this,but they not enough lineman and Fullbacks to fill out rosters.
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