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Online H2H Injuries

I'm a bronco fan, my team is decimated with injuries... some will be out for 48 weeks.... does that mean I won't be able to use my stars in online ranked until Madden 22?? I'm a loyal bronco fan, I don't use any other team, ever. So when my 69 overall offense goes against the packers, chiefs, bills etc (which 80 percent of madden players use online) what kind of chance do I have?? Very little... I refuse to use any other team just to match up well with my opponent. If you are going to keep me from being able to use my stars online for another 8 months, then you need to have even teams enabled for online... thats ridiculous that you keep injuries on during ranked, forcing people to use overpowered teams... thats super boring when you play the same 10 teams every single game there are 22 others, would be nice to see a change up...


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