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Solo battles still freeze at the end of games

Solo battle froze at the end of the game....i literally hit no buttons and this game makes the player go into a celebration to freeze the game.....this exactly why these animations and celebrations ruin this game.....another 20 mins wasted, please take these animations out of here


  • They sure do, including at the end of quarters for me recently.
  • @bbrewer23goblue the dev team should be now aware of this bug and is working on it. I've recently read that they have been informed. at least the Signature celebration of Charles Woodson and Mike Evans is broken. I'd suggest to always actively select an animation that is safe (e.g. spike the ball). so far I've only seen this bug been reported for Signature celebrations...

    hope that helps. good luck
  • End of half punts out of bounds too.
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