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Nat fantasy pack

So is the TOTY nat fantasy pack only a choice from 3 players or do i get to choose any of the team of the year players


  • NatureBoy2323
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    They are a random pack. One offensive player, one defensive player, and one special teams player. You pick one out of the three choices.
  • Yea it was great grinding over 5 hours to get three players I have no use for on my theme team. Would quicksell to try and get someone of use but for only 9k training I’d still need an additional 30k training just for another random choice. 5 damn hours wasted, still haven’t picked from that trash pack and probably won’t till I need training. Basically got a free 92 for training. Wont waste my time again
  • DJ_Englishman
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    edited January 2021
    Plenty of ToTY yesterday in the Trade Block, well on pc anyway. If your desired ToTY is not up, just make sure to state which player you actually want when you list a request.

    Applies to the 14x ToTW set, not the ToTY grind that is NAT.
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