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Losing streak?

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In madden 21 head to head online, I usually start losing every time I get up to 6-7 wins in a row. I will lose until I win another game. Then I start winning again. What bothers me is HOW I lose. It seems on a losing streak, my team fails on moves that would work against the same team if I was on a winning streak. Missed or extremely slowed down extra points, My defense becomes dumb, my WRs drop more balls, my DBs drop more picks, or are more likely to warp out of position of making a play on a ball. I will fumble more and the AI just makes the dumbest decisions, especially my O-line. I throw more interceptions even when the WR is wide open. Fewer conversions on 3rd down. But, on my win streak all is well. madden just makes sure I don't win for a while or something. Why can’t we just lose to better players without these weird algorithms and AI help to make you lose after you win so many games??


  • My personal fave was a gold rated passer QB roll-out and sprint 70yds for a TD. Needless to say my 95ovr defence couldn't catch and tackle him during those 70yds. Click on's went to plyrs miles away too. My 96ovr Lamar has never shifted gear that fast! 🏎 He can, however, throw to the right sideline CB, rather than the hot-routed WR sprinting near the left sideline as clicked. 🤬

    "It's in the game."
  • It's so stupid and unrealistic. Especially when EA wants you to lose and your opponent plays man coverage and EA makes sure no one is open or makes sure a 95 WR can't beat a 75 overall CB. But when you use man everyone and their mom is open. I've seen so much **** EA throws in when I'm the better player
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