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I huess EA just decided to scrap the whole Rivalz program. Didn't get a Rivalz 3 in Series 3 (even though Series 3 ran for an unprecedented 10 weeks). I guess they just expect us to forget about it even though it's right there on the Missions tab. Come on EA, just admit you messed up or release Rivalz 3 & 4 in Series 4.


  • I'd guess the numbering of the Rivalz promo has nothing to do with the numbering of the Series. for instance, last year(s) there have been different promos (e.g. Gauntlet) with 3 releases over the year but a lot more Series. I'm therefore convinced it has never been planned to have a Rivalz release with every Series, nor has it been communicated.
  • I made a post about this a few weeks ago and was never responded.
  • Rivalz = Stadium/uni chems; broken. We will never reach 7 rivalz tokens in time to make any reward worthwhile now.

    Frankly, considering the Covid-19-working-from-home issues this year, i'm amazed EA got so many promos out at all. Credit where it's due! 👏
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