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Is there a fix for these yet? And if so, what do I need to do?


  • For months now I have not been receiving Twitch drops on my Madden 21 game. I have done the unlink and relink several times and have gone through EAHelp as well (who suggested I use this forum). I would appreciate any help because apparently this forum is the only help I am going to receive. Thank you! J
  • I have not the answer. When you log into Amazon (prime) gaming and click the cog do you see your Twitch handle? In twitch do you see the Amazon and EA connections active?
  • Thanks for the reply! Yes they all appear connected and even EA Help said everything looked right. I also get the in game loot for having Amazon Prime, just not the twitch drops from live streams. EA said they don’t know and sent me here. I was on a stream this weekend to see if it maybe had been fixed and I saw several other people with the same issue. Been at least 4 months, so I am guessing this is low priority. Any other suggestions are welcomed and thank you again for replying!! Much appreciated!! J
  • Do you get Twitch drops for any other non-Madden game ie SoT?

    Amazon Prime monthly drops working implies that it must be a tracking issue in your case, not "connections" that EAHelp always bang on about. Your 'viewing' is simply not registering with Amazon. This is nothing that EA can fix themselves on your behalf, nor can Jedi mind tricks fix it.

    My suggestion @JazSup regards your browser. I use Firefox exclusively for M21 (& M20 before) and I have had drops all season. Firefox (now) has "built in Tracker Protection" to protect against data mining, media tracking, f-prints and cookies that Amazon tracking requires. I turn this protection off for the Twitch site. Try a fresh install of Firefox and do this, then log into Twitch, accept all cookies, and watch Derwin tonight or GMM as a single tab open. You must accept for Amazon to "Share your data" in twitch's own settings. Your browser will specifically tell you;
    with a green or yellow dot. If it says you are watching any other twitch stream, are online or offline, or you have a red or grey dot, viewing is not tracking for M21 GMM drops and Amazon will not send any dlc to your EA account. The same applies for each of the excellent Madden Live streamers. Dual streams in two tabs have always worked fine too, just flick between them/engage constructively once in a while. (Note, if at any future time you then reject/delete/clear cache or block those necessary data miners/trackers, or even turn TP back on, M21 drops will stop, period.)

    I do not rely upon mobile browsers for M21 drops; I cannot be bothered with the Twitch App; I know little of how Edge and Chrome work; perhaps they all have TP that also needs turning off?

    I am happy to try and help you @JazSup and your politeness is refreshing! I sincerely hope this works for you as it has a few others, and that you gain those valuable training quicksell drops - crucial for NMS players like myself and newcomers. Obviously without being sat at your pc my helping is limited and I cannot see if your browser settings are now absolutely identical to mine whilst watching a stream.

    For everyone else, this is the very last of my own time that I will spend highlighting this methodology to EA and its ungrateful, frequently abusive customers hiding behind their monitors. I have been shot down and ridiculed for suggesting this before in threads, GMM, Madden Live streams and DM's (simply trying to help those frustrated and also get rid of all that pointless !drops !crown !token !claim and !Derwin spam that completely ruins twitch chat for the rest of us as it never gets moderated out by EA) but my recorded GMM/DerwinBowl etc is;
  • Thank you so much! I tend to watch through the Twitch App on my phone and TV. I will try Firefox as recommended. You have given me a new route to pursue, which I definitely will try out and let you know how it goes. What you outlined makes sense. Oh, to your question, I don’t get any other drops, but am not on any other games currently offering drops. Thanks again for all the help and sorry you get flack for trying to support the community. I greatly appreciate your assistance. Will tinker with all this over the next couple of days. Thanks again!!! J
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