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First off I would like to say, that if I am getting beaten, I hardly ever rage quit or even concede the game. I usually finish 99 percent of my games even if I happen to losing to a team that's better than me. I still try to play teams tough for the remainder of the game. The problem is that most players want you to quit halfway through the game. A few different loses that I had recently in the last few weeks. People who beat me would send me a message after the game and talk trash. Upset that I didn't quit the game and played the game out regardless if I end up trying to make a comeback or just make the game look respectable.


  • They will send me messages like "quit bro" or " why do you even play this game" or "you stink" but maybe some harsher words. And sometimes these losses are due to maybe a glitch on a 4th down or random missed Field goal or extra point.

    And it ticks me off as sometimes I be on a winning streak and think that I am pretty good and now I end up taking a loss like a man. Then some random guy who I tried to play tough and ended losing too will end up saying me a mean message instead of saying something like good game.

    When they send me these messages, I ussualy just reply GG trying to take the high road.

    I'm telling myself, "like hey buddy , you just beat me and wasted 45 minutes of my life taking a loss and you have the audacity to talk junk after you just beat me"

    It's just very tacky that we have a generation of quitters and people who are angry that you made them play a while game to earn that victory.
  • Ussualy when I do lose to other teams. Some teams spam the same play most of the game. So by the second half I try to see what they are doing to me, so I have an idea for future games. I know a lot of these kids run these E books and do very similar plays over and over again. It's usually cheesey plays that takes advantage of A.I. or defense coverage. Even if the user sees it and knows what the other team is doing but you can't control more than one player at a time.
  • I noticed that crossing routes are a big part of this game that most players try to exploit. I wish I can control 2 linebackers or safeties sometimes as I see it happening and have to follow one guy. Leaving one guy wide open sometimes.
  • Example : There's this one play called PA post, I think it's under trips. It lines up up 3 wide receivers in one side and QB does a play action for a deep post. The computer ussualy leaves one guy open deep for a touchdown and also in this play the tight end does a block and release and the linebackers fall for it all the time.

    I don't have this play in my playbook and never even used it. But I have played against this one play more than any other play and people spam this play over and over. I have played 100s of online games and I always see this play. Kids running E books, what the heck... SMH...

    That's not football running trips every play taking advantage of inferior computer A.I.
  • I guess the whole point of this post , is that other players want you to quit. If you play a full game regardless of outcome people get mad. I like to play a full game to look at my stats and such...
  • jaymoe316 wrote: »
    They will send me messages like "quit bro" or " why do you even play this game" or "you stink" but maybe some harsher words.

    It's just very tacky that we have a generation of quitters and people who are angry that you made them play a while game to earn that victory.
    1. If it bothers you that much, you can turn off chat within M21 settings.
    2. EA's block/mute function in their franchises has been pathetic for years, so don't rely on it. You'll still get matched/coop-d with them.
    3. Welcome to the Twitch generation, it's too easy for plyrs to hide behind their monitors and abuse others without risk of an uppercut.

    A. As you know, you get slightly more XP for completing 4 Qtrs over 2 if you're needing XP, same with 1st downs/points/takeaways etc, but opponents don't care. Level master is marmite. Play your own way and don't be bullied.
    B. Trying to fit in 25x W/L matches is frankly too time consuming, same with all these 40x win snowball fight H2H matches - and so this is often why the PvP plebs rage and expect you to quit asap.
  • @jaymoe316 fully agree! it is no fun playing a game H2H where your opponent is just interested in winning the game as soon as possible. the goal of the game is actually only its end. how can you expect that the way there (i.e. playing the game) to be fun?

    from my perspective, twitch/youtube ruined this game even more as in most cases it is no fun to play H2H, in particular H2H Seasons where a loss has an impact on future games too (-> causing demotion or prohibiting promotion). compared to Solo modes, H2H Seasons provide huge rewards if you are winning. since the competition is so heavily linked to rewards, it is completely clear that players would like to win fast (since it is the strategy maximising rewards while minimising the invested time).

    sometimes I face an opponent who varies the plays used. but as soon as the game is close, most often only money plays remain. it is no fun at all seeing the same offensive plays/routes or Cover 1/2 Man press all the time... and I really do not want to start watching Youtube videos or twitch to learn the only strategy that might work against these money plays. so, why should I want to play H2H at all?

    from my perspective, it is a shame that 1) the AI is so badly developed (= there is really no alternative MUT mode either to really enjoy the game), and 2) MUT competitions are so heavily linked to rewards. if players want to compete, then why not providing separate online tournaments? maybe with prior application or qualification tournaments, and the games start at fixed times. if you win or rank highly, you get a special trophy (or points for a yearly ranking?). I do not see why it is necessary to win so huge in-game rewards (i.e. coins and packs) if you win in H2H. if you want to improve your team, you should have to go the same way like anyone else. it is so weird that on the one hand it is so easy to stay on top in terms of average OVR as soon as you have a good team (i.e. it is very likely that you will win and get even more rewards), while it is almost impossible to catch up (i.e. if your team has a low OVR; or you started to play the game somewhen mid-season you will struggle to get some rewards and will never be able to buy really good items)...
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