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First down currency

I did all the challenges for Super Bowl present and it says you’ll receive 3 first down currency but I didn’t receive any and I spent hours on these challenges so I could get the 95 Overall but didn’t get my currency, any help on this?


  • Look in your binder; you get a collectible card, that when you quicksell it grants +1 first down and unlocks those new challenges.
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    Same here except I completed all challenges for both past and present and didn't get final firstdown. I need 1. I bought the only one I could so where's the final first down if I completed all challenges?
  • Yup, same thing for me, i am missing the last first down collectable. I have 9/10, i have all 156 stars but it still says 80/156, i completed all the sets got the 99 mvp Brady, says 0/3 for past and present, bought all the SB packs and still says 9/10... contacted EA help showing video proof and they said sorry go to the forums. & look for help... i mean come on. Event ends in 2hrs 14mins... & thats the help i get, smh!
  • So i spent 8hrs on ea help. sent videos photos, links to the forums, etc. Went thru double digit “supporters” everyone of them telling me they had to talk with “their team” all ending with this is a know issue so they couldnt help me... finally after about the 12th person, finally got a response “we cant help you, but this is a known issue effecting many players, keep checking with our Twitter account for updates... so theres only 1hr before everything expires, but hopefully we will get a make right...
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