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One man instant sack blitz

EA_blueberry please explain This is getting out of hand EA. This guy is literally sending a one man blitz out of 3-3-5 OOD and getting in untouched off the edge. How is it still possible we can’t get this right. But y’all swear that this game is not broken I literally lost this game because of this weak crap. I attached the video he did it out of man coverage and cover 2.



  • I stop playing and watching his one man blitz. I’m definitely adding this to my playbook
  • Instead of fixing the issue,I bet money someone will say have ur rb block on that side!!!
  • Facts. If you not a pro player **** don’t get patch
  • 3-3-5 ODD like last year nothing new
  • it is really a pity seeing the LT and the HB just watching the blitzing player running around them. I recently faced a player using this glitch too and tried every different blocking adjustment I know and none of them worked.....
  • It’s unacceptable that the game is released in this state and they wouldn’t give me a refund. I tried to give it back 48hrs after purchasing and they said no. Who would enjoy what you just experienced in the clip you shared? Only an a-hole who thinks that Madden accurately mimics football... there are other ways to help with a rush end other than blocking your running back, devs. Smh
  • Jesus. Could you run against it?
  • I tried to run through the B-gap exploiting the fact that the edge defender tries to rush outside, but since the best run defense seems to be substituting all DL by LBs and CBs (why is a Nickel formation better in run defense than 4-3/3-4?) this trial was not successful either. LBs and CBs are so fast they stop the run game.... and since it seems that it does not matter whether a CB or LB makes the tackle ...

    at least given my skills, trying to run against this pass rush glitch was not successful either...
  • This has been patched for quite some time I believe. I used to run it now and again but was in practice mode today running plays and checked it and it doesn't work anymore unless I'm not running Sam Mike 1 properly anymore??
  • This has been patched for quite some time I believe. I used to run it now and again but was in practice mode today running plays and checked it and it doesn't work anymore unless I'm not running Sam Mike 1 properly anymore??

    I faced this pattern recently (both in H2H and also one time in MUT Solo Battles).
  • Well I tried all ways of doing it and couldn't achieve it again so unless there's a new method I'm not aware of to hook it up?
  • I cannot remember what play my opponent called. but I was unable to stop this blitzing player... :(

    and since I'm not interested in searching for solutions on youtube or twitch, I do not know how it is done. but I think I've read that there was an adjustment regarding blocking in one of the most recent title updates ...
  • Check out Gut fox video. Spread D lineman, spread linebackers, then contain and put the DE on the side of the LB in any zone. But the trick is that the one man blitzed can’t have more then 74 agility. Dupree and the Steelers is the best team to run it because he only have 74 agility but he have 88 speed so he coming off the edge even faster.
  • It's funny how none of the developers from EA have said one word in this thread. Typical EA since evidence was provided they can't blame it on you and act like the game doesn't have major issues.
  • @EA_Blueberry Anything to say about this issue? We have been waiting for this issue to be fixed since like Madden 15.
  • It's patched guys. There are other blitzes in 46 that people are glitching instead and usering a MLB and getting a free run on the QB.
  • Bruh how is this patch when I literally have video evidence showing it’s not 😂😂😂
  • Just finished playing in franchise mode (PS4) The CB comes right off the corner free untouched for easy sacks. I ID the mic, slide protected and left my TE in to block nothing worked. The CB had 5 sacks and is now leading the league in sacks after 6 games He has a total of 23 sacks! And he doesn't do it every play only when He needs a stop.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @Jeremiah757.

    I've been trying to catch up in the last couple weeks. Power outages and COVID back to back, but I'm here now!

    I forwarded this over to the Madden team. They fixed an exploit in the February update for a similar blitz, sounds like this could be a new one if you indeed experienced this after the latest update.

    I was trying to find the video that I posted in the past on a similar discussion, but I believe if you used the RB and miked the left side DB that actually caused the outside lineman to block the player that's coming in untouched. It was posted in the Film Room. Next time you come across this, try that to see if it works while the team is reviewing this. Hopefully that helps alleviate the frustration.

    Was that a Franchise? We would never allow that type of behavior in our league if someone repeatedly did that over and over again all game. :\

    Now you're right in that the lineman should be making that block or at least chipping them, however if you want my advice I'd try the following if you know the blitz is coming:
    1. Audible to an inside run whenever you see the opponent using 3 defenders on the LOS. Especially on 1st down. That's an easy 4+ yard gain.
    2. Move your slot receiver to the right side and put your RB on a swing route. Goal is to toss it to the RB and have that slot receiver act as a blocker for you.
    3. Put a couple of your receivers on crossing routes so you have a couple easy 3-5 yard gains.
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