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Why are there no female officials or assistant coaches in the game?

I was just wondering why the game doesn't show any female officials or assistant coaches, as in the real NFL there is a female official and there are women assistant coaches.


  • Why are there fans in the stands, if you want to get nit picky.
  • A lot more things need to be fixed in this game instead of worrying about female officials. The gameplay is horrid they need to get rid of all these animations.
  • Leyland
    4 posts New member
    Hey we have some geriatric gamers! Cool
  • Just great... so EA will now make female officials as part of the "new and improved" franchise mode. Even better... they will implement a "be an official" mode where you can create an official (female included) so that you can officiate games.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4302 posts EA Community Manager
    I'd be great to have Sarah Thomas in next year's game if she allows us to put her in there. I'm not sure if that's the specific reason, but EA is a champion for adding diversity in games and I don't see any reason why the team wouldn't want to. We do need the permission of the players or their family trust though.
  • Leyland
    4 posts New member
    Well first the game devs will have to want to include refs back in the game. Baby steps. It’s only 2021
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