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Mike Iupati career tribute?

Good afternoon @EA_KRAELO "Agent-K"

I know this might be a reach, but anyway can we get a Mike Iupati career tribute card or LTD. He just retired. You guys gave Castonzo an LTD and he never even made the pro-bowl. With Mike Iupati he contributed with (3) teams and helps with Seattle, Arizona and SF theme teams. Additionally he made it to (4) pro bowls, 2010 All rookie team, 2012 1st team All pro and 2nd team all pro. Hopefully you guys will consider in making this card and hopefully give him a PU or give him the Veterans/ Campus Hero treatment and allow to have the teams he played for. Thank you!


  • EA_Blueberry
    4323 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @JAM017IT

    After a player retires from the NFL, EA loses the rights to that specific player and another agreement has to be reached with that player between the NFL, NFLPA and EA to be used again in the game. No guarantees on your request, but will pass this along to the team!
  • Good evening @EA_Blueberry ,

    Thank you for your response, and I truly appreciate your help and consideration to this post.
  • Add a greg olsen career tribute card with his power up as well
  • How about Vincent Jackson 99 Ultimate legend card. He recently passed away and is in the 50 set. Maybe a card to recognize him. He was really young too. Only 38 years old, makes me think about my own mortality.
  • Vincent Jackson would be so dope!
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