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Man coverage

Why cant my coverage guard a slant or a post? Man up everytime get beat like we stole something


  • in order to defend slant routes, it seems to be more important, where the DB stands (relative to the covered WR/TE) pre-snap. if I don't do any adjustments (i.e. moving my DBs lined up inside) before the snap, my DBs (with 99 Man Coverage) are easily beaten if they are not placed at the LOS, no matter how strong the WR/TE is.

    I mainly use the "show blitz" adjustment and move the inside DBs closer to the LOS and a few yards closer to the center. for me, this works for defending many routes (although I have to say that I mainly play Solos and if I face a good player with a good team (in particular with fast WRs), I have to change my defensive strategy.
  • Johnarch79 wrote: »
    Why do i have to do this every play to guard a route the other team runs every play? Why? That so bad.

    agree. adjustments should be made to react to specific strategies of your opponent and should not be needed every time. having to do one and the same adjustment every time means that the play itself is worthless without adjustments...
    by the way: I just wanted to describe my approach how to deal with the status quo of the game hoping that it might be helpful for you. I did not say that I'm happy about the status quo of the game.
    Johnarch79 wrote: »
    Theres not enough time to move 5 DBs this game is so bad

    regarding this comment: in my prefered Man Coverage play I only have to move my safeties. but I agree there is not enough time if you play against a human player since a good play will exploit your adjustments as soon as he realizes what you are doing.
  • Get out of man coverage. Man coverage is not a one stop shop you can run every play. Man coverage is already OP and stop 80% of routes already which is bad enough. Certain routes should get open on man coverage it keeps the game balance.
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