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Future Franchise Features Wishlist



  • NevesNET
    2 posts New member
    Announcers still can't say a single name from a generated or edited player... seems this should be a quick fix as the names are already in there, really takes away from franchise replay value when the stock players are mostly if not all retired. Honestly, "James Smith" the game should be able to say that! Perhaps an option to pick our "nickname" from announcers as is available in MANY other titles, including some EA.
    Thank you for the great work, hope this will be improved in the future, stay safe!
  • Mistereats
    19 posts Member
    edited March 2021
    I would agree that 'all of the above' would be great additions to the game and should all be looked at for the future.

    As a Stats fan, just having a screen that shows previous SB winners and awards is a great update.

    Top of my wish list currently:
    • More in-depth contracts and in particular the ability to re-negotiate earlier than at expiration. In light of this weeks events, an option to offer re-negotiations solely because of cap space issues.
    • International Series games & stadiums
    • Uniform changes in future years
    • Player histories & stats - mostly the ability to see an individuals SB wins ****Edited - I just found this on the legacy stats screen!!!!!!****
    • List of upcoming Free agents on one screen
    • For no real reason, but a lifetime earnings figure for players & coaches
  • How about making a game that works properly on day 1 and has CONSISTANTCY with its gameplay. All of the other stuff is asking too much from EA at this point. Just create a functioning game.
  • gr123890
    2 posts New member
    I would like to see some focus applied to reduce time I have to spend repeatedly on certain functions. Below are some suggestions along that line along with some others. I'm sure I have some duplicates that others have listed as I have not read the entire thread.

    - Would like an option to carry previous training achievements (Gold, Silver, Bronze) forward to my next franchise rather than always having to go through all of them again. Tremendous amount of time spent on this when playing multiple teams throughout the year.

    - Would like better filtering/searching capability for researching draft prospects. For example, I have spent untold hours scrolling down to get to Round 6 and 7 players that I want to scout when I have made trades and have multiple picks in those rounds. Or just because I already scouted the earlier rounds. Would love to just be able to go to the first player in each round easily and then navigate from there.

    - The "How should we handle the X-Factor" on the other team either needs to be improved or removed. I always pick "Slow Them Down" because picking Shut Them Down is typically very difficult to achieve with not much more reward that I can tell.

    - The recent addition of tracking past Super Bowl champs was okay, but I was hoping it would be tracking stats about my franchise. Sometimes I think the people programming franchise mode don't understand that a lot of us play one team for a bunch of years. It would be nice to track through the years at least my team's W-L record, where I finished in the league for Offense/Defense and how many playoff games were played & how many won.

    - Would like to be able to start at the Draft and have the chance to redo the prior NFL draft rather than only being able to start at Preseason at the earliest.

    - Fix the public roster/file download problems that have been happening for months

    - Fix receivers from catching a ball when coming back toward the QB and fairly regularly having their momentum carrying them back toward the line of scrimmage for several yards. Almost never see this happen in real life. At worst, they catch it and stop quickly.

    - Any TE I have no matter what rating seems to dominate. Having Kittle or Kelce isn't much (any?) better than picking up Jermaine Gresham or whoever as a Free Agent.

    - Trade logic still has a long way to go to be more realistic. Still can pretty much trade any 80+ player that a team is interested in and a very late 1st round pick for an early 1st round pick.

    - I could go on and on...
  • Bammish
    1 posts New member
    Enable a coaching career by allowing other teams to bid for your services each year. Coaching one team can get boring after awhile, and having to start an entirely new career after demanding a release if you're not hired elsewhere is too restrictive.
  • Some features that would be cool to see for franchise in the next game could be, Logo and Uniform Changes for future years, better relocation options, and the ability to have custom logos and uniforms for relocations, as well as having an expansion team mode.
  • I would love if franchise mode count pressures and other statistics,it would be better for development like Oline getting bonus points for run blocking grades and defensive pressure allow or the Dline getting the same for pressures,swats,run stopping etc.

    Also would love if we had more defense adjustments,thus year was big with crossing routes and there’s not enough adjustments to stop things like that.

    Also The community want a man defense buff,man is pretty much useless but rare occasions when it helps (10% the time)
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