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Can we please get the linebackers right!!!!

Ok, so I'm reading the patch notes and I see you guys fixed the team value for the 4-3 defensive end, 3-4 defensive end, 3-4 edge rusher, and inside linebacker. Cudos I really hope it actually works.

Now can we start moving to the next step. I think it's time that the stupid " ROLB, LOLB, MLB" goes away. It's time to really update the linebacker position like it is in the NFL and you already have your foot in the door to do it. Your players are not stupid, we very are capable of understanding how the linebacker position actually works. The way it is in-game is outdated and it really time for it to go. The NFL is evolving rapidly and this game is stuck in the early 2000s...

1. Change the name of the linebacker position to SAM, MIKE, and WILL. These are what the positions are called in the NFL at the base level and it's what they should be called in the game. What do those names mean well it's very easy. SAM means strong side linebacker, MIKE means middle linebacker, and WILL means weak side linebacker.

2. In addition to the name changes adding the logic in-game for these linebackers to actually align on the field like they do in the NFL. When you say strong side(SAM) linebacker that means the player lines up on the strong side of the offensive formation (the side with more offensive players... usually where the tight end is). When you say weak side(WILL) linebacker that means the player lines up on the weak side of the offensive formation. And the middle(MIKE) linebacker line up in the middle of the offensive formation(over the ball or sometimes just somewhere between the hashes.

It's that simple. Now that's just the base level, the linebacker position can get much much more detailed. But this is about make steps to improving the game. Please don't keep the same linebacker logic for the next 20 years.


  • I completely agree with this!! Also stop using a tight end spot for long snappers!! They don’t play TE they are long snappers
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