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Back Shoulder Throws/High/Low

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edited March 2021
I know y'all, Might wait till Madden 22.
But it would be great to implement them in the game. if you have time to read the coverage, To make that "Back Shoulder Throw". It should be possible. Also "High Ball Throws" Should not be for throwing longer distances. It Should be used on all plays, as if you were in the "In Zone"
"Low Ball Throws" Should also be implemented for not leading a reciver in coverage "Meaning" On a Post threw the middle of the field, "With Safeties"Playing over the top. "Low Balling Passes", Should also be used to put the ball were "The Receiver".
"Fights Back" to the ball. For "Example" Like some throw out sack animation "Passes" were "The Receiver" notices, The ball is going to be short, An comes back down the field to make attempt to catch the ball, on a broken pass.


  • The game engine pre-selects animations to play out. So even if they did add better high/low throws it wouldn't do anything. The back shoulder animations are in the game they just don't play out often for some reason. The game would rather select the 360 one-handed interception instead of the simple back shoulder or a goal line fade.
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