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Still no make right for UL issue

Hoping someone can help - its been over a week now and I still have not received my make right for the UL issue last week. I have opened two cases with help.ea.com (#79273311 & #79453585). One was marked "resolved" and the other "no fix available." I can't imagine it should take this long to add the grants. Can someone please help? Thanks!


  • EA_Blueberry
    4804 posts EA Community Manager
    Hi, @triangle_choke13

    Our forum staff is unable to assist in granting this content. I recommend resuming one of those two cases and follow up with our Support team to check on whether you were eligible to receive a make-good.

    Our Support team can also be reached on Twitter at EA Help.
  • All they tell me is that "its being worked on and to be patient." It's been over a week. It can't possibly take that long, can it? I bought 4 of the 3x bundles on that Saturday morning, so I don't see what's to verify.
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