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Not receiving Twitch, GMM packs and gear. Trouble ticket: #81681645

Good evening @EA_Blueberry and @EA_KRAELO

I am running into an issue again regarding twitch packs and GMM packs. I am not receiving them again. It started last night. I am one of those people that was affected by this issue since October 2020, I have been patient as you guys work through this issue for over 5 months. I never received a single drop even if I watched all the streams.

Since you guys moved to the new format of redeeming twitch/ GMM packs, I started receiving them again. I opened up a trouble ticket today and the person that was helping me out kept telling me that "my account was not connected and I had to unlink and relink it again" which I did during the time they were troubleshooting my issue. He stated that they couldn't validate the time I was watching the stream therefore they couldn't grant me those packs.

It doesn't make any sense, I was receiving everything up until Monday 4/26 and all of a sudden after watching the 4/27 Madden Bowl stream, I stopped receiving them again even after the fact that I redeemed them. Please advise on exactly what I need to do to get this issue resolved. I have attached a photo of my inventory to show that I have watched and claimed these packs, but not actually received them. I have attached a photo of my connected accounts on twitch. Please advise, because per RG regarding the Madden Bowl finale there will be a special drop and I would like to get this issue resolved by that time. Please help, thank you.

I didn't received the GMM pack for 4/28 and all the twitch pack + Cleats for 4/28 Madden Bowl stream

I didn't received the all the twitch pack + pants for 4/27 Madden Bowl stream

This is my account showing I have been connected for 5 months since they made me unlink and relinked it back in October of 2020.


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hi, @JAM017IT

    @KRAELO went over this on the stream today about these type of reports. Watch it here.

    The team is aware that there are some cases where players don't receive the Twitch drops from some streams right away, but don't worry we've got you covered. Please remain patient as they could still show up for you in game. If you don't see them soon, reach out to our Support team one more time and they should be able to grant the content for you.

    Please keep us updated on this post with your experiences with our Support team. I'm confident you know all the rules for watching a stream at this point of the season and it's unlikely you're doing anything wrong from your end, but throwing in this tip below just in case and anyone else that comes across this.

    Twitch & Madden NFL FAQ: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/madden/madden-nfl-and-twitch/

    How to claim drops: https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/mission-based-drops?language=en_US


    EA Help on Twitter

  • Good afternoon @EA_Blueberry ,

    Thank you so much for addressing my issue, I will continue to remain patient in hopes they will show up. Thank you for the additional the tips, I will ensure to follow these tips when I watch the streams. I will check my account tonight once I get home from work. Once again, Thank you so much for being helpful and supportive regarding this matter. I truly appreciate your time! Thank you and happy draft night!
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