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Madden NFL 22 cause for concern or keep hope alive?

Do you think the release date on madden 22 will be released on time, or will the date be of concern?
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  • kennylc76
    237 posts Member
    I am ok with a late release if it means a more polished release. I don't see the point on releasing the game on time, but having to wait a month for a key patch.
  • As long as it's out for everyone to buy 2 days before the season starts thats fine with me.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • No Next Gen for PC is complete **** and is just as bad as what they did to franchise mode last year repeated over again.
  • 631976
    1 posts New member
    Please bring back the Refs. All simulation games have the Refs. The game looks arcade without them. We have enough power on the Next Generation console so add them. Back along with measurements for first downs. Bring the realism back
  • I don't think the release date is that much of a big deal. Historically EA has been all over the calendar in August with the Madden releases.

    The bigger issue will be did they actually pay attention to last year's response to Madden or was it all lip service. They should be working on bringing back what fans want. The fact not much detail has been given yet could be good or bad.

    For me it's simple - create a team, create uniforms, create a stadium. Immersive and fun franchise modes like the Madden games in the Mid 2000s for PS2. It's not asking too much.

    And it seems most other players are not asking for much either - no overhauls in game play or mechanics, just the return of features that have been taken out during the the past 10 or so years.
  • RJnordy78
    7 posts New member
    The trailer looked pretty poor at least visually. One scene that stuck it to me was when they showed the back of Trevor Lawrence's jersey. The number 16 was way spread out and off center to the right. A problem this series has had for years. All the numbers with 1 as a digit. I know it's little but they are making millions off us so the least they could do is make the uniforms look realistic. The falcons and Rams new uniforms were butchered in last year's edition and I suspect the Bengals will get the same treatment this year.
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