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10 hours , no it’s not

Okay I’m NOT trying scam extra time , I am happy to get 10 hours as that’s what you are allowed, so with that out of the way

I started playing just before midnight Thursday , I’m in Scotland just for info. I played till about 1 am may be 1.05 , let’s call it 1.5 hours , on Friday during the day I played for about an hour during work time lol no longer so max 2.5 hours but that’s generous but call it 2.5 hours. I then sneak a further 15 mins during work again ...lol I log in last night and I have less than 5 hours notification pop up , what the heck ...... EVERY time I quit out the game every time , so why have I lost time and I switched off my Xbox too as I was going to bed and I was continuing work so I can account for each time , not happened before , been using madden via ea play for years so I know how to use it

Not happy that I have been shorted a few hours ...... what wall you do for me EA , can you give me my 2 hours back



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