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Dear Madden NFL/EA Sports, How about keeping your politics, wokeness, and other SJW **** out of our games? There's no room for that crap here! If you want to pretend that only black lives matter, do that on your own time and with your won money...don't take mine and then force your point of view (that has absolutely nothing to do with sports, football, or video games) down my throat. I work far too hard for the money to be constantly bombarded with the latest version of what the thumb sucker's think is important, especially while I am trying to unwind and enjoy playing a video game! It would be greatly appreciated if you took down your blm banners, solidarity touchdown celebrations, and any other woke crap that has yet to present itself during the next update. These games are supposed to be enjoyable and entertaining, not an avenue to spew hatred, division, and resentment which is exactly what the whole blm movement is about, please remove all associated garbage forthwith!!

If you can't figure out that the vast majority of people don't agree with your politics, or even care what your position is, don't be surprised if your sales diminish, you certainly will not receive any more money from me if you are going to continue displaying this junk!

The UN-Silent Majority


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