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Fumbles don't happen enough in M22.

I have not forced any fumbles yet online. How often do they happen to you?
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  • I agree. It seems that for years, when you adjust the fumble sliders, it only affects the QBs.
  • Usually whenever i try to force a fumble i usually get a facemask penalty.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • I actually had my first non QB fumble. I made Zeke Elliott fumble and returned it 99 yards for the TD....
  • Fumbles are almost situational. I normally get a lot of fumbles in my games based off of if the running back is tired or if the opponent jukes into a hit stick or something like that. With QBs it takes a few hit sticks before they fumble unless you get a good angle hit on them or hit the strip button at the right moment. I don’t put strip ball on aggressive because that’s when you get a lot of face mask penalties and it doesn’t really increase your chances to getting a fumble in my opinion.
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