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Great fun game

This game is not only good.. its fun. I enjoy everything about it. Stick skills are back. Kick off returns are back. Fun is back.. I feel like ea really listened to use. Keep up the good work.


  • Don't come on here disrespecting ea blueberry and I. This game is fun. Don't bully others.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • This game is ok so far, we'll see how it gets patched. I have about 30 online head to head games so far and am above .500. A few observations:

    To answer a question from a different thread, I only remember three fumbles. One my SS caused against a WR, the other two were strip sacks.

    The secondary seems to have absolutely no awareness sometimes.

    The super user LB is back in force. I am sorry, usering should be risk/reward like it was in the beginning. I have misdirection going on and the user LB take three steps in the wrong direction, he should not be able to recover an intercept a ball over his head with his back to the play.

    Why do RB's always fall forward now? Its cool when I am running, but it sucks when I have three guys hit the RB and he can still get yards.

    The secondary seems to have absolutely no awareness sometimes. Yes, I said that before.

    Too many across the body passes are completed by QB's not named Mahomes.

    There is still the "hop, skip and jump" animation when usering a DT and he beats his man. If a LB can take away 3/4 of the field when being usered, a DT should be allowed to bee line to the QB when he breaks free.

  • Eh. Meh. Not sure I would say fun. I got the game on release date and I have yet to be able to sit down and play and entire game from start to finish because I'm bored with the game.

    But glad someone is having fun
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