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Dont Buy Madden 22

The gameplay is indistinguishable from last years game, which was terrible. The things they added to franchise feel 100% tacked on, and just overall lame. Disappointed, I tried returning it within the parameters of their return policy. They basically told me to get bent. Awful customer service, for an awful game, made by an awful company. If by chance someone who's on the fence about buying it reads this, I suggest you save your money. I wish I had.

I used to buy just about every Battlefield and Madden game EA made. Out of principal, and a little bit of spite, I wont ever be buying another game from these crooks.



  • Are you on Next Gen or Current Gen? Madden is moving in the direction of realism which is why they didn’t change zones because they are comparing scoring to real life scoring. So they are trying to get Madden to as real as they can get while still making it fun. I’m not saying you, but i feel a lot of the players this year are upset because they are so use to getting animations that bail them out from having bad user skills or defense in general and sense those animations are non existent this year, they are getting frustrated because they are giving up big plays or touchdowns.
  • The game of madden 22 is spectacular. The only weird experience I had was playing a match where my team was invisible lol.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • The game of madden 22 is spectacular. The only weird experience I had was playing a match where my team was invisible lol.

    hah that's hilarious
  • Madden's major problem is online lag, the servers are not suitable for gamers all over the world like some PC games can be. PING is often and very clearly disadvantageous for players in the europe zone, and with rare exceptions thwarts the gameplay of players from North America or elsewhere. I also contested glaring slowdowns against Asian players where it becomes slow motion. In solo mod the game is extraordinary, in online mod it is the worst game used.
  • I really have to laugh at this one...from the supposed improved AI to the "there is no cheating in the game". I buy and play the game simply because I enjoy playing it but have no expectations when it comes to quality or that anyone cares about us the consumer after we make the purchase. I would even hedge a bet that when it comes to all the manuals and cheat books that the manufacturer has a piece of that action also; have to find some way to pay the NFL $1.5 billion.
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