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Suggestions or just give up?

Ok, awhile back I tried my first game of h2h in MUT. In this year's version. The last time I purchased this game back in the early days of MUT I played a whole lot.

Anyway, I was matched up with what I believe to be a immortal bot or the very best and ruthless player I've ever encountered in online sports play. Every possession was a 1-2 play TD. I couldn't pass the ball w/o interception. Running game was attempted once for a 5 yard loss. The worst, and what made me question if I was playing a bot was my opponent lined up for an onside kick against my onside defense and was successful. I've yet to be successful against AI play anyway. And I've tried, likely, 50-60 times.

So, after the onside kick, still inside the first half and with him/it having a 3 TD lead I quit. Now, is this how Madden encourages folks to play their mono a mono games? That was the last time I even tried. Now, I'm stuck with all the fun of playing the various stacked AI modes that offer the same repetitive fun as watching a metronome swing.

What a drag..I paid $125 for pre-release Dynasty mode thinking I would have some bit of fun. Spent 40-80 hours mastering all the training camp (I guess that's the name) stuff. Practicing...watching all Rayweather's videos (he seem to be a pretty knowledable dude, and personable..not obnoxious like some others I've watched).

Should I just assume I suck and everyone else is good or using gadget plays..which I'm just not going to spend the time to learn how to cheat. So, is the only way to get even "decent" is to start learning the cheese plays or, is it possible to actually be successful (win a game or 2) in H2H just playing straight-up?


  • I’m assuming that your team isn’t top tier yet, so what i suggest is that you continue to build your team up so you can compete with some of these top tier teams and just quit out of these games that your opponent clearly has a better team than you. Sometimes these top tier teams have a bad user behind that team and you can beat those teams, but most of the time, that team is just that good! Try quitting out games with teams that clearly have the upper hand on you until you finally match up with someone around your skill level/team overall and play those games. You will get more enjoyment out of the games and you will be less frustrated.
    The matchmaking is absolutely horrible and no matter how much the community complains, they will never fix matchmaking and they will continue on the path they are on. Don’t think you aren’t good at the game because people spend a car note on the game just to have the best players that may bail them out of not being good at the game either. Find a way to have some enjoyment in the game your way and don’t fall victim too thinking you have to play every game, even if the opponent has a top tier team.
  • Thanks for taking time out to respond. I may take another shot at H2H.
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