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M22 Franchise Dev Traits

Idk y I can't post for M22, but I'm posting it in here @EA_Blueberry.

So I create 99 X players for everyone in my league. To ensure they have at least 1 game changing player. We'll I've got the dev traits maxed out, and the regression turned off, so none of the max traits should be effected, but yet when I go to change my created players from normal to X-Factor, it tells me I've reached the SS and X limit when it shouldn't even be a thing. All it allows me to do is toggle and save between normal and star.

This game has held me up too freaking long in getting these rosters done so I can start my league for the yr, and it's 1 thing after another and I'm about fed up and ready to go back to Madden 20.


  • EA_Blueberry
    4823 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @RyanW_3529

    Looked into this and here are the limitations.
    • 32 for Draft Superstar/X-Factor Player Limit
    • 64 for Draft Star Player Limit
    • 300 League Superstar Players Limit
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