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Icing the kicker

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Sooooo whos idea was it to make the [edited by CM: profanity] kick meter disappear before u can stop the meter on its way down, or not allowing us to see where we're aiming our kicks? Yes icing the kicker is supposed to throw u off but this is just absolutely over the top. I shanked a kick to win the game, which in turn sent me to OT, where on my opponents very first play he decided he wants to run after being stuffed all game but of course, the RB breaks out of being stuffed behind the line and goes 80 yards to win. This game is so ridiculously fluke now its not even funny.
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  • Lmao that had to hurt. I like it. Makes the kick A lot harder. I do get furious when it works against me. I like the strategy it adds. Now you want to save time outs to ice a kicker, and on offense you want to be able to line the kick up just right.
  • I completely agree with icing the kicker, but they need to find a new way of it effecting the user. Making the entire kick meter disappear on the way down and not being able to see where you're aiming your kick is a lil ridic, especially when playing online when lag is a factor in timing the kick meter when you can already see it!
  • Yeah... kind of hard to believe that EA played this game, experienced that happening,a nd did not see anything wrong with it.
  • I like the kicking game, even when the meter disappears. I actually wish the icing the kicker occurred more often.
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  • Sorry but i heavily disagree. Online where there is known to be lag and u have to time the meter most the time, its just annoying. They can find other ways to effect the user by icing the kicker
  • Only thing I don't like is when my opp. Takes a T.O. to counter my time out. Pretty much icing my icing and then the lick is back to regular again. Other them that I'm good with it. I love it.
  • i liked it way back on ps2 days the meter had ice and the camera angle changed with a vibration in your remote to feel the pressure of the kick and the kick its self was in slow motion good times lol
  • I too like it. Personally after about 5 times being iced i haven't missed a single one. I love that the CPU takes risks now. yesterday i fumbled on the 1 yd line, and when the Steelers drove down field, had an easy field goal and faked with a flip to kick to pass and he overthrew it. Later in the half they tried a 57 yrd FG with 12 mph wind in their face and hit the crossbar, panthers Kicker also missed wide right on me after icing him. can't speak to online, lag would be hard to deal with
  • This feature is total garbage. I understand changing the view and the controller rumble. To make it so you can't see your kick meter 1/3 the way down the meter and change the speed is too much. At least let us turn this feature off. It ruins the game. I don't play online a lot and everytime they ice my kicker makes me want to stop playing this game for good.
  • When I say they, I mean the CPU not online play.
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