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Madden 21 Franchise Error Code CE-34878-0



  • Doesn't look like EA gives a ****. They got their money. Ill never buy an EA game again
  • Thanks for all the updates EA Blueberry ! Hope the EA team had a great thanksgiving weekend while their game is garbage and doesn’t work. Bunch of thieves, I’ll never buy any game EA produces every again
  • @eablueberry. Fix this
  • Another **** update but no fix. These guys should give us our money back. Unbelievable. I've bought madden every year since first year. They lost a lifetime customer. Not that they give a ****. They got their money
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, Franchise players.

    My apologies for not updating here, I'm going to relay the last response I relayed in our Technical Support forum (Answers HQ). The thread can be found here.

    "Hey, everyone. Just got back from the holidays and was able to track down the progress on this. It looks like they're going to get this address in a future update as they've been able to find out the root cause. With the extensive testing that needs to be done to ensure a fix doesn't cause other things to unexpectedly break, it doesn't look like this is planned for a near upcoming title update though, so we must ask you to bear with us for a bit longer on this. This is painful for me to relay to you as you've already been experiencing this for too long and for some players, more than once as it happened earlier at launch. As a Madden player for decades myself, I know Franchise is a huge mode for the game and in many cases the only one many players dedicate their time into.

    I know this news wasn't ideal or what you were expecting, but I want to make sure you are given proper expectations. When we are able to confirm an exact/estimated date, we will let you know here ASAP. I have seen cases in the past where a scheduled fix was pushed up earlier than expected due to the team being able to successfully complete tasks they had on their pipeline earlier than expected, so if there is any changes we'll update you here throughout the month."

    A player was able to provide a workaround fix here if you're looking to give it a try while the teams are still working on implementing a fix in a future update.
  • Thank you. We just wanted a response to show us someone gives a crap. Thank you again. Looking forward to the fix
  • Having the same issue haven’t been able to play the game for a month now uninstalled it 5 times and same issue would really like to play the game

    MAKE A NEW PSN !!!!! It **** works I thought it was my ps5 I almost took it back
  • McDSAM47
    1 posts New member
    @EA_Blueberry @EA_Roger @EA_Aljo @EA_David i mean this has been going on for months. It’s ridiculous people are so tired of this game getting worse every year. I mean we know MUT is your baby but a lot of people who spend money on MUT also play franchise with their friends. THE GAME MODE IS BASICALLY UNAVAILABLE. WE CANT PLAY PLEASE FIX THIS. PLEASE
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    This is still under investigation by the team. We understand this has been taking longer to address than desired by many of those being impacted by it and for that we apologize. Thank you for your enduring patience and we'll update you all as soon as we hear more information.
  • January 26th and still no fix. I just finished an online League Game with 14 Starts!!! 14 Times of me reopening M21, reentering my Week 2 Game against the Redskins, and continuing were i was cut off, just for the Game to crash again. I understand that a fix needs to be thoroughly tested to check, that it doesn‘t crash other parts of the game, but this is coming close to half a year. Thats half a Madden to fix 1 Error, and at this pace Madden 22 will launch before this is fixed.
  • Having same issue. Started a week ago. I go to play my game, searches for opponent and the game just crashes. Occasionally I can get in, but sometimes it takes trying up to an hour, and even then sometimes it will then kick me out. My opponent sends invite, I accept and game just says session is not available when other user is there waiting for me.
  • Not to mention we cant add a 32 user to our franchise
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