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  • Hopefully madden can start to work on more on the phase of the game passing: trajectory windows scale to fit the ball inaccurate more overthrown balls Pass protection create different pocket that users preference when shifting the line ID in the mike etc. having pockets collapse players falling more so than a player being…
  • In a nutshell move Hill to the slot run post routes and empty sets streaks
  • Real weather forecast Team chemistry New punt/field mini game (kinda like fifa free kicks) Add more broadcasters (fox & cbs was golden) everything nfl Network makes the game boring Revamp button layout for all positions groups (if you truly want to make the game feel different for every position group should have a button…
  • The defense is OP not all players have traits I still see WR losing in height mismatches the gameplay engine need to change to simulate football cause it's more arcade than anything. I'm hoping ea bring more realistic game play I'm throwing games 18/22 noticing there isn't any ture accuracy rating balls are catches or int
  • I remember I was clowned for asking to remove user lurk and all game helpers... I also asked the devs and mods can they pass around the word to add more drop interception animation In a nutshell Madden has proven over a ton of times their data is off not a fan of super defenders would like to see a new engine implemented…
  • Copy and paste lol but things I need to see addressed I'm on Xbox 120 fps tacking is far from where it need to be I don't see any Weight consumption Blocking is better but they olineman won't cross the Pocket to make a block I still don't see any chip blocks from running backs Or TE If pass rush is going to be such a big…
  • I rather see a QB fumbling while getting sack instead of always fumbling while running if you think about the most time QB is fumbling it's them standing in the Pocket lamar fumbled more passing than he did running.. so ea need to honor ratings and player traits
  • Still no official game play for next gen ?? Guess I won't be re this for series x I had the 100$ version on my ps4 couldn't get the 5 due to high demand have the Xbox and EA can't give a code out to a hardcore gamer Yeah it's just a mut thing which ruined their game imagine give a guy who makes 20milliom a diamond change…
  • So you guy don't know who the #1 DB in the league is smh your data is far off smh ❌
  • Press coverage normally man 10 yards off they might be blitzing moderate coverage might be in zone no problem
  • Anything ?? Where is the mods @ ??
  • So happy to see another dolphin fan in here this game plays off favoritism we clearly have a ball magnet on Def who hasn't gotten any love not to mention emanuel smh first thing I looked at was the jets rookie LT and Austin Jackson... so happy the boys are proven people wrong this year #finsup🐬 could careless what madden…
  • I know the play as soon as the screen drop you always want to know where the safties are aligned and how far the corners are playing off if use Is making quick adjustments send a player in motion to know if it's man or zone
  • Sim- supposedly more random events supposed to occur in the game Comp-is centered around more user play user timing I was just hoping to see more penalties centered around gameplay def holding illegal hands to the face target for mistimed or obsessive button spamming
  • I'm curious to know if next gen stats / gameplay is going to address this you can literally play a kicker at quarterback and throw a perfect game this is a huge problem you may need to take inaccuracy into a major consideration without a miss being turned into a mistake
  • No skill the defensive is over power at attacking the ball the lowest completions percentage for a corner is about 45% average is 60% 6/10 passes WR should have the upperhand but every since ball hawked was introduced as a gameplay helper interceptions has been a huge problem in Madden on top of user lurking
  • Add a weather system similar to fifa each team have their designated climates when hot opposing teams get tired faster than the home team like the dolphins vs rams Cold games Make it harder to catch tackle etc High wind games where kicking & lob passes are affected Make the weather have a real effect on the game and have…
  • Still can't change X factors or abilities in franchise mode CMC still catching under 30 balls in a full sim season currently uninstalling madden I'll try again next year 😔
  • No matter what the A.I will run to block instead of attacking the ball!! Look into
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