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  • I'm a person who likes to run 1st and pass 2nd but lately the last few maddens he running game has been kind of Boring.We need to be able to set defenders up with a studder step then cut left or right. Also we need to be able to switch the football away from defenders to the off hand .
  • EA it's time to make a real football game I'm tired of glitches, e-books, and money plays. All people do is try and break the game for their own personal gain they don't care about playing real football. How can you guys sit there every year and allow your game to be played like this do you guys not care about real…
  • The plays we make should have to fall within certain guidelines. For example, if you create a double-teaming man defense the cover guys have to be on the same side as the wide receiver. We also need to be able to add these plays to our audibles in-game.
  • One thing I am hoping for with this new generation of console is that madden can become more of a Realistic simulation football game. Ask yourself this when you play madden is this what I see when I watch football on Sunday. There's a lot of gimmicky things in madden on both sides of the Ball and it's time for those things…
  • Running back Juke animations were better in madden 20. You need to be able to make smalle cuts behind the line of scrimmage to get the holes . There also needs to be a stutter step juke where you fake one way in and go back the other way. Please get rid of the juke move where your legs cross I've never seen running backs…
  • H2H simulation mode should be on all madden.
  • I know EA has heard this numerous times situational awareness this is very important AI has to know down and distance. I'm tired of being in a goalline situation and my opponent waltzes right in for a TD with very little resistance. The AI has to hit the run lanes with more force and speed and you shouldn't have to call a…
  • I feel like the running game is very unrealistic I played against the Houston Texans who have one of the worst lines on Madden this guy ran for 400 and something yards in one game. I consistently put nine guys in the Box I ran every defense you can think of and nothing works. I thought the NFL was a Passing League but…
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