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  • This is true, but i noticed that Shootaround seems to be in 'Rookie' mode. When you play in Live Run or Live events, the shots don't go in that easy. This makes Shootaround a bit worthless and a bit deceiving. To get so many green releases in Shootaround, then not get that many in games is a terrible inconsistency. I don't…
  • I guess he was pretty good then, lol.
  • Thankfully, i passed all the challenges and got a 94 Alvin Kamara for my troubles, and yes, there were many.
  • I had a deal to get '19 for $40, if i had the previous years. This game has been on sale many times since release. I'm sure it is far less than $60 now. I thought $40 is definitely a fair price. They do update this game a lot, so if i paid $60, i'd still feel it was worth it.
  • The problem is players have a low Basketball IQ. My biggest gripe playing Live Run with randoms is situational awareness. If a player gets an offensive rebound, they forget that they have a new shot clock, but they hurry to lay the ball in, and it just rolls right out. Another is in 5V5. I am pass first. I pass to players…
  • Man. I was able to finally pass this gravy train garbage. Maybe 60-70 tries. That's too much for 'Pro' difficulty. For that one, you have to score a rush TD. Did it on a 3rd down, but expected to have to try on 4th. I'll never forget the play. I called outside zone or something. It was as if the sea parted for my RB and…
  • His card isn't worth it? I didn't see Clarke play in real life that much, but i know he wasn't 93 rated, lol.
  • I calculated what is needed to finish one of these for the card. The free pack is available every 7 1/2 hours. That comes to 3 chances a day to get a collectible in the pack. With this, in January, we have 31 days, so if you get 3 packs a day for 31 days, doesn't that come to 93? That would make you short of the 106 or so…
  • Getting from lvl 14-15 is a nightmare. You have to reach 1 million. I finally reached it a few days ago. It's 'ONLY' 400,000 to lvl 16. This is just criminal. I'm at level 21 in 'Career' hype, but already reached 20 for the trophy.
  • Thanks for the response. Looks like i'll fall short again. Last try for me. No longer will i pursue that 93 rated card. I have a life. I can't be on the game every 7.5 hours to get the next free pack. I'm pissed at myself for even attempting this dumb ish.
  • Ok, so on 12/29, i have 8 slots to go on the next to last one. The last one, that awards the pack, needs 16 December's, so if i fall short of those remaining 24, the bonus ones cover it?
  • I've been having the same problem at times. There were times i threw the controller in disgust. What button do you use to shoot? The SQUARE? I was fooling around in shootaround and saw (how i didn't try this before, idk!!) that on the DS4 controller for PS4, you can use the right stick for layups. I forgot if it's downward…
  • I'm not new. Been playing since NHL '12. This can be confusing, since you see a X25 sitting there, top left corner needing to fill up 26 slots that only get filled by the daily collectible. My point is, if i have an X25, why does it only stay for one slot?
  • I agree with the poster that said they play about 1000 drops. Me too. Not this year. Who thought SYD/BBY was a good idea, and the only 2 teams, i believe. Hammerheads? Give me the option to play as the SJ Sharks........well, maybe not those chokers, but you get my drift. No announcers, limited replay if any. That…
  • I'm P1 35 or so, and don't even bother to open bags anymore. Maybe because i got my Stars jersey and a cool NHL '94 one. I guess i'm content, but after awhile, it got stale to me. Just bring back regular EASHL lobbies where you can play again with the team you were just on, and bring back NHL teams. This SYD/BBY thing is a…
  • No it's not as simple as that. The OP is right. 3's is not real hockey. It is as Arcade as it gets. And why is every penalty a penalty shot? That's not realistic either. EA needs to order their burgers w/o cheese. Never, since my start with NHL '12, have i played less of this game. I don't even feel like going for all the…
  • Agree as well. Get rid of those '1's as well. Totally worthless mode.
  • I would use position lock, because i'm terrible at controlling all skaters. My passing, while great in EASHL suffers greatly when control player and pass aim are the same damn button.
  • I think the 'Play of the game' needs tweaking badly. A player's team could lose 11-1 in a Live Run game, but that losing teams '1' was a great dunk, so it becomes play of the game. A losing squad should not have play of the game, is what i'm saying.
  • The Live co-op events are fine. I guess it's just multiplayer. I played a game last night and had no problems, but the player i was playing did say that they had some lag at times.

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