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  • > @doody5047 said: > This is what we paid I’ll money for i'm pretty sure if you press R2 and X at the same time it makes your player stop like that.
  • along the lines of the above, be a C . Also back in the day if you snapped the ball and pressed nothing the game would do it's own thing. Maybe you can still do that
  • I too like it. Personally after about 5 times being iced i haven't missed a single one. I love that the CPU takes risks now. yesterday i fumbled on the 1 yd line, and when the Steelers drove down field, had an easy field goal and faked with a flip to kick to pass and he overthrew it. Later in the half they tried a 57 yrd…
  • Let me address each point, i agree on some, disagree on a lot, i love reading posts like this b/c it's the kind i would make - Home field adv- i think this is a great idea, a loud crowd to an opposing player could result in an audible attempt and screen prompt that says "receiver can't hear you", and if you try again the…
  • This isn't an answer. Just wondering why you choose broadcast view
  • no sir. All i've noticed is with FG's an innaccurate kick can go wide or be more subject to the wind, especially with a high arc and with Punts it will make the punter be slower at getting the punt off. Of course with both it should be going left or right depending on which side of the accuracy meter you hit. Often i…
  • i dont try it on anything further than an 'Inches' play. I suggested in a post on Technical Issues, that at most make the QB protect ball or put their head down as default. Basically EA, let the game play if you're confident in it. My guess is they tried it and it wasn't successful so they just did a quick patch on it.
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