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  • Same thing here. My starting QB works fine, I start and play out games, and in the preseason I start a half and sit a half.. But my backup RB just gets simmed even when he's on the field.
  • Since the update, I do not get an opportunity to play games in Franchise mode, even when my player (who is a backup RB) comes into the game. If he isn't selected as a starter, the Super Sim sims the entire game, even the times when he is on the field. Therefore, I do not get to play at all.
  • No, my rating is lower than the starters, but in the third quarter of each preseason game, my character is brought in as RB, but I don't get to play, it just keeps simulating. I still achieve objectives if he played X amount of snaps or rushes for Y amount of yards, but I never actually get to play.
  • In older versions, I always struggled with completing any pass where my receiver was man covered. So if they were in zone I could exploit the windows, but if they were in man, I had to just flood the field and hope one of my checkdowns was unmarked. Now, I find that receivers are much better at catching contested balls,…
  • Not having a PS4 or Crossbone Gundam, I got the PC version and am just happy to see more sports games coming to PC. I haven't played since '16, but so far I really like this version. In older versions I would always just spread the field and hit underneath passes. I never bothered with deep balls, back shoulder throws or…
  • In Franchise Mode when I play my First Round Draft Pick QB, when my team gets the ball the Super Sim ends and I lead my offense onto the field. Yet when I play my Undrafted RB, even when he gets brought into the game during the preseason, I never get to control him and the whole game gets simulated. So, if your character…
  • I like that idea. I also like the inverse of someone could just have an awful year and take a OVR hit because of it. The one drawback I could see is that a really good player could draft Joe Scrub with a 40 OVR, start him and pick off 20 balls and Joe Scrub would suddenly be a valuable CB. Maybe it could be tied to the…
  • 5. Yes, and I don't know if there is.
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