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  • So apparently it says that created player and cpu generated players don’t have headshots like in madden or whatnot, but will be available in the future. Is the future later this year after release or in NHL 21? I don’t like playing franchise and 4 y…
  • It honestly depends on our opponents. Depending how they are playing we adjust whether we carry in vs dump or cycle vs just getting pucks on net. Prefer simple style with a good cycle though.
  • It’s definitely supposed to be in there no matter the stadium. If you notice you’ll see the glass banging where the mascot would be. I guess we just get the ghosts of mascots this year.
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    I always get drafted first overall. I just put it on rookie three minutes and play two games and simulate one. Sometimes I’ll play more though to get my players overall better, I usually like him around 82 coming into the nhl
  • It doesn’t. It only effected the new file that I created after changing it
  • Ok, so I think I found the problem. In my settings in the main menu I switched line changing to manual(when I play online and with friends I prefer this). This carried over to my BAP settings when I started it. Unfortunately I can’t change it and ha…
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  • Mine did. In bap it freezes when attempting draft. I was in May.
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