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  • Agreed. I've been saying this for quite sometime now...
  • I agree. Gameplay is one of the many important aspects of Madden, but the Stats are as well. It's not much fun playing Franchise, and the CPU teams you face don't even play close to how they play in real life. It takes a lot of fun out of the game. EA released an article in gridiron updates stating that teams would play…
  • Well said! It kind of takes a little fun out of the game. Not only trying to get the best record with your team, but also competing with the likes of Drew Brees or Pat Mahomes for most pass yards in the league, or compete with Adam Thelen or A B. for most catches, or Lamar Jackson for most rush yards by a quarterback.
  • I agree! Not only with the dual threat quarterbacks, but also the elite receivers as follows; D. Hop( Texans ), Juilo ( Falcons ), Ju-Ju ( Steelers ), Keenan Allen ( Chargers ), A.B. ( Raiders ) Mike Evans ( Bus ), etc just to name a few. Just like last year's Madden, not only did the dual threat quarterbacks not have many…
  • Los Vegas... Lol.
  • I agree. It doesn't make sense to have a player like Marcus Mariota lead the league in passing (offline CFM sim stats per season) and yet he only has 30yds rushing. What happened to the stat tuning. It makes no sense to have a scrambling qb with all of theses archetypes and x factors if they are not going to play like it…
  • Okay awesome thanks!
  • Yes can you please fix the the Sim stats for franchise mobile QBs. Tuning is most definitely needed
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