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  • Abilities need to boost the rating the player actually has like "Morale" does... and then let the stat ratings play out... Or fix / remove abilities since ppl are so dependent on them. Also this does not actually fix gameplay. Your attempt to balance GAMEPLAY by limiting how many can be used may be okay for MUT but since…
  • any update on this. I have a user in my franchise with the same issue as @TooManyGlitches Left the league and returned same issue. It seems to be tied to the team and not the user. I had another user that switch to the Bills (team with issue) and the game just stays at the loading player comparison screen. Both users can…
  • The reason the draws look horrible in madden is its always coming off some sort of bad snap (High/Low/Side) to create a little spacing before the handoff but on regular pass plays there are no bad snaps. So ANY bad snap you know its a draw play. That entire interaction needs to be reworked. And they can overhaul PA while…
  • i hope thats not the case... they just need to expand on customizing and organizing playbooks...
  • Custom Playbooks and Previous Play are definitely not the issue. The issue is being able to counter some of the exploited plays and the lack of actually needing a scheme because you can run the same play over and the offense/defense awareness or play rec isnt used to better anticipate the play. Chess match elements need to…
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