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  • It's been a while since I've looked through these forums, and it's been about the same amount of time since I last played UFC 4. Based on other threads I'm reading, it looks like some of these changes have been made since the original post, mostly with regard to new roster additions. At this stage, I guess I have a few…
  • I see that Michael Chandler and Alex Perez were added, which is nice. Still plenty of others to come, I imagine. Still waiting on the pre-fight trunk color selection, though...
  • It's encouraging that this is being looked at, and hopefully it'll get included in the next patch. Along with that, I'd like to see the issue of corner color tape on the UFC gloves for CAFs get taken care of. I imagine that won't be nearly as intensive.
  • James Vick is likely not getting any further updates, as his UFC contract expired last month. Also, is it just me, or is Ben Askren's head kind of small in the game?
  • I see that, glad they're both included now. With this patch now being implemented, I'm assuming the devs will soon start work on the next one. Any word on whether or not they'll address some of the other recently-discussed offline fixes? Or any of the specific issues outlined in my original post for this thread?
  • Good to hear. Off topic, but I hope Venum does more to promote individuality among the fighters than what Reebok did. It took two companies moving heaven and earth to get *one* fighter a pair of camo shorts as a fight kit in place of the boring monochromatic stuff everyone else wears. No sense in that whatsoever.
  • To go along with all of this, one of the often-overlooked members of the roster is Todd Duffee. I know he's not exactly the most active heavyweight on the roster, but his character model is in desperate need of attention. It's basically the same model that was included in previous versions of the game, and it's just never…
  • That's great to hear. With regard to the gear itself, I can appreciate the inclusion of the unique trunks, gloves, hats/masks, etc. I get the appeal. It all certainly adds a new element to things. With that said, my hope is that things will improve with the official UFC gear in the game. With this being the sports…
  • I like the idea, and see the benefit of taking this approach rather than a forced archetype selection. With that said, developers would likely have to overhaul quite a bit with regard to how CAFs are created and used. They'd also need to develop a guide to what specifications a CAF would have to meet in order to be usable…
  • So long as players are able to have control over their fighters skills/abilities offline like they had in UFC 3, I'm not picky on how they address the online concerns. Whether it be with your licensing idea, a forced archetype choice when using a CAF online, it doesn't really matter much to me, if I'm honest. I barely do…
  • I think I've seen that story before, and I understand the rationale, but there was a way to avoid that issue without sacrificing offline customization. Keep the customization in place that was present in UFC 3, and force archetype selection when using a CAF online. That keeps things at least somewhat fair online, and keeps…
  • I agree that some of the stuff that's missing from this year's game is surprising to say the least, but I'm genuinely curious if the pending Venum deal has something to do with the absence of movement on the trunk color issue that keeps coming up. It's something that's referenced practically every week, both here and on…
  • These are all excellent suggestions. Making the CAF move sets customizable offline is a must. I get why you'd want strict archetypes for online play, but there's no reason to limit that customization offline. And agreed, there needs to be more CAF slots, maybe an even 30? I'd also love to see customizable win-loss records…
  • Also, I'm noticing something weird when fighting as Israel Adesanya. When on the ground in top position and when performing a post-fight celebration, his physique/body dimensions look completely different. In each scenario, he looks way more muscular, almost like Paulo Costa. Way more muscular torso and shorter arms. Am I…
  • If the news I'm seeing is true, then it looks like Mike Chandler will need to be included among the fighters that get added in the future, along with all of the others that have been named. Here's hoping some of the CAF issues get resolved before then.
  • I know that a lot of changes have been suggested in this thread, especially in the first post, but my hope is that they can at least start off by addressing the color issue with UFC-branded trunks, and get the UFC gloves added. The gloves are the big one for me, mainly because that seems like the easiest fix of the bunch.
  • Serious question (I'm genuinely curious as to how this works): how is Clowney and his status different than any other unsigned player that made it into the game? Currently, there are quite a few free agents to choose from in this game, so why are all of these other players allowed to be featured and Clowney isn't? Do the…
  • Good to know, @EA_Blueberry. Just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding anything, will the X-Factor customization be limited to Franchise Mode only, or will this feature also be customizable for the regular roster and created players?
  • After last night, I think it's time we officially ask that Michel Pereira get added to the game at some point soon. Best of luck adding all of the moves this guy uses in the cage. I don't envy the person who will have to re-create that madness for the game.
  • So I ended up not buying Madden 20 because of some issues surrounding player customization, primarily that the X-Factor feature couldn't be edited on existing players, nor assigned to created ones. My question, is this feature still present in Madden 21, and if so, can it actually be edited in any way?
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