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  • Yeah seriously. This year is even worse with H2H stats and previous opponent stats. Now I can't even see the last 10 teams I play as. I often like to rotate between a select group of teams, but I can't even keep track of which team I played as last since now that has been taken away. Years ago, you could go and see your…
  • I've noticed that using the turbo button too early has caused my player to run really fast with no control over direction and even if he runs into one of his own guys, will cause him to stumble. I had to train myself when to hit the turbo button on both running plays and with receivers after the catch. I couple things EA…
  • PS4 Online head2head I have seen some major issues: After making a user interception near my own endzone, I pushed my left stick forward and pressed R2 to accelerate. My defender who was carrying the ball bounced off one of his own players, then proceeded to turn 180 degrees from the direction I was pressing him to go, ran…
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