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  • The running game should get a nice lift this year with the new FieldSENSE gameplay changes. Head over to our Madden NFL 23 forums to let us know what you think! Check out the FieldSENSE deep dive.
  • Closing this discussion down since it is from 2017 and we try to avoid necroposting. Please create a new discussion if you want to continue chatting about NHL on the PC platform.
  • Hey, @chooch816 We're going to close down this discussion since it's from 2020 and to avoid it getting necro'd any further. If you want to continue this topic please create a new discussion.
  • This post is from 2018 so I will be closing it down to avoid further necroposting. Please create a new post if you want to continue the discussion.
  • Madden NFL does not use dynamic difficulty adjustment in it's games as this was verified through a legal process. We will be closing this thread as these topics do not lead to any productive discussions. If you would like to know more about our commitment to fair play please visit the link below:…
  • @hurtlacher Do you have over 100 PSN friends? I've seen it where clearing your entire friends list can help fix certain PlayStation errors. It's not guaranteed, so if you have friends on there you want to keep I recommend writing them down so you can re-add them afterwards. Let me know what the exact PlayStation error…
  • @hurtlacher Those error reports are sent to our EA App/Origin team. Do you play on PC?
  • Hey, @SoilderCheems! Servers are up! They were temporarily down later Sunday night - See this tweet below: https://twitter.com/MaddenNFLDirect/status/1513318152767213569 Our Madden NFL 22 forums can be found here.
  • Hi, @WARTOWN508 Account security is very important to EA and we must make sure accounts remain secured at all times. If an owner does not have the proper means of verifying the account is theirs we will not be making any changes. We understand there are cases where our players used an email address they no longer have…
  • Hello, @hurtlacher We'll take a look into this for you. Can you please post your details under Bug forums I linked below so we can gather your info to fix this? https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/madden-nfl-22-bug-reports-en
  • Hey, @xpablox313! Thank you for being a fan for over 21 years! We could use your recommendations and voice in our official Madden 22 forums in the link below. That is where more players are discussing Madden 22 and what they would like to see from the Madden franchise in the future.…
  • Going to close down this thread since it's from 2020. The Madden NFL 22 forums are located in the Answers HQ. If you're still missing the Simmons item, don't sweat it. Just hit up our Support team through one of these options below so they can locate it for you. EA Help on Twitter https://twitter.com/EAHelp Live-Support…
  • Hey what's up, @ENSROM45 The team is aware of this and it's been reported in the NHL 22 Bug Reporting forums here.
  • This should be fixed and the are able to be quicksold. They will not always be available to quicksell right after the results because the team has to push out an update.
  • Hey, @220newganes This is the Madden NFL 21 forums. You might have better luck posting in our Answers HQ for Madden NFL 22. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Madden-NFL-22/ct-p/madden-nfl-22-en Good luck!
  • There will be no updates to MUT Draft for Madden NFL 21. If you are referring to MUT 22 discussions on that can be found here. Reached out to the team for an update on whether new player pools will be added. Stay tuned to this thread for info.
  • Hi, @RA3030 We unfortunately are not able to make any changes to the Franchise game results. There was a bug earlier this year where home losses counted as losses with a zero score. If this bug returned due to maintenance or recent update we'll want to get this tracked in our Answers HQ. If you're able to search to see if…
  • @Viperwolf26 I've seen some rare bugs get reported where a player goes out of bounds and then will end up at a different spot on the field for their next down. This sounds similar, if you can report it in our Answers HQ so the team can gather account details and specifics for the bug, it could help them reproduce it for a…

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