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  • Update: Players that purchased the 4x The 50 Fantasy Bundle - Week 13 between 2PM to 2:22PM ET can contact help.ea.com for a refund on bundles purchased. Customer Care Teams have a full list of all players that purchased the bundle during this time. https://twitter.com/MaddenNFLDirect/status/1340072961504669697?s=20
  • If you pulled an LTD it will not qualify for the make right. The LTD is a full legend item but has the added bonus of a player fully powered up. This only applies to 89+ Legend players that would have gone into a set and were not the full Legend.
  • https://twitter.com/MaddenNFLDirect/status/1331307999848255492
  • Once the player has officially played a game on the NFL Team per Pro Football Reference, the Madden Live Service Team will work on upgrading his Power Up with the proper team chemistry. Usually this occurs around the TOTW timeframe if they played a game on that specific NFL Team.
  • We will be sharing more details on the Series 3 Program later on the week closer to launch. More than likely sometime on Thursday - TBD if in the AM during the GMM Livestream or in the afternoon/evening. Just depends once content is available to share with the community.
  • @TheRebel31 Once a player has officially played a game on the new team, usually the player items becomes eligible to receive the updated team chemistry. It looks like he is slated to play Week 8 vs. the Steelers, so if he plays that game, he will probably get that update shortly after as part of the Team of the Week I…
  • @JuicyJ8787 All good. Totally understand. Items have been granted. Please log out of Madden Ultimate Team and log back in and check your binder or unopened packs. Enjoy!
  • @JuicyJ8787 I can confirm you won the giveaway. Can you please work with @NatureBoy2323 to get your GT/PSN ID and/or EA Origin ID information. Once we get that information we can process your giveaway. Thanks!
  • This is a known issue and we have shared this with our Franchise and QA Teams. Once we have an update on when it will be addressed, we will let players know. Thanks for bring it up.
  • If you have any video you can share of this issue occurring, please let us know. We will pass this along to the Gameplay team to take a look, but it is always helpful for us to see what you are doing and any adjustments you are making that could be impacting this. Thanks.
  • This is related to the White Screen/Flash Bang bug. This is targeted to be addressed in an upcoming Title Update which should be coming soon. We have mentioned it a few times during Good Morning Madden. Thanks again for sharing the feedback.
  • This is targeted to be addressed in an upcoming Title Update. Thanks for the feedback. We have been sharing this feedback with players on Good Morning Madden that this will be addressed soon. It's a client side fix so this has to go through 1st party verification and approvals before it is addressed. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the feedback @Vetteguy1829. I mentioned this on Good Morning Madden this morning that this specific fix reverts the fixes in the last Title Update. The Title Update unfortunately created more issues for MUT Squads instead of fixing the QB role concerns. The Madden Team is working on the issue to fix the QB role…
  • @Deion34 this is actually an issue on the Xbox Platform. If you already have the game you can click Continue Trial or Upgrade To The Full Version of Madden NFL 21. This should take you to another screen that says you already own the product and you can click Play. This is happening due to the Free To Play Weekend this…
  • @thedrewster2007 I would be happy to address your two questions above. 1. We have never been able to give all players on stream a free item like a dump truck at the same time. There is no way to physically do this and we draw winners every stream. We have been doing this approach since we started Good Morning Madden, which…
  • @Aqkid42 Thanks for reaching out. Also thank you for pinging us on the EA Forums and on Reddit. Royvin sent me your information and we processed your giveaway winnings earlier. Enjoy! K
  • @ActionMFJackson Thank you so much for your kinds words. Wishing you and your family the best during this time. Hope you continue to engage with the content, but hope you, the wife and the family can get out and gets some fresh air these days! Totally appreciate you man! Have a great day! K
  • Hello there @tpbaby11378 ... thanks for reaching out to us. I checked the sheet and it appears that they reached out to TPBaby11 and not TPBaby_11. This giveaway has not been fulfilled. I will DM you via Twitch Whisper now, but please respond to that message. Thank you! K
  • @djmung I posted this on Twitter yesterday. It is something I am already monitoring and in conversation with the MUT Team on. https://twitter.com/EA_KRAELO/status/1231305182761361409?s=20
  • DJMung, These items should be granted. Our records show that we granted the items, but I did some investigation and they were not. I do know that the day we were doing grants, we did have some technical issues with the tool. Apologies for the delay. Thanks for reaching out. K

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