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  • (Quote) Have I though? What is the exact point of the game changer program? Wasn’t it to have people come into the studio with feedback from the community to help make the game better? If it’s not then what is the point of it?
  • (Quote) I commented on this. Misread it and edited it to this comments so never mind.
  • (Quote) You know to the major difference as to why no one does that in the NHL versus the game? Because pain is a great motivation to never do that again. Nobody wants to be sidelined for a while because of such an idiotic thing to do.
  • (Quote) Don't take this personal at all. You don’t come here’s because of the toxicity but Twitter is fine? Twitter is quite toxic as well. What I personally don’t like is how none of the game changers or community managers come to the official for…
  • (Quote) It’s certainly true about the forum being a small sample size of the overall community, but I feel like if there was say one person from the art team communicating with us about stuff, it would feel like over voices are heard. Just like how…
  • (Quote) Wouldn’t it best for them and us if they had accounts on the forums for they games they help create? Seems like more work for you to do yourself.
  • No doubt it’s an important part of hockey of the home team. However, people will back out before the games begins if they don’t get to be the home team.
  • (Quote) NHL 20 can still be a great game. It just came out. A little tuning here and there and I think it will a great game. The additions to the gameplay have been a great addition, but the current tuner is what I’m not a fan of. It’s reason I hav…
  • NBA 2k absolutely blows NHL out of the water when it comes to face scans. They even got the players tattoos that’s how much they care for authentic looking players.
  • Isn’t it crazy how for one whole year players have been wanting the LT problem to be addressed and it’s still in a new game a year later along with the one hand tucks that seemingly pretty much going in all the time again for the second straight yea…
  • (Quote) The last year for that was NHL 12. I’ve been saying how they should blow an edge if they skate backwards or continue circling again and again. It made a lot harder to rag the puck that’s for sure.
  • (Quote) That’s what I’m saving my time for as currently I wasn’t enjoying the game to use my limited time.
  • Just watching this video makes me disappointed https://youtu.be/dre6pABDr5g Apparently this was his first game and runs into a guy like this. Back skating and circle in the corners untouched. It’s disheartening to this years game to already see th…
  • (Quote) Sure don't feel like it has a day one patch.
  • (Quote) Apparently, EASHL cosmetic improvements isn’t important enough to have additions. But face masks are. I don’t understand the face masks. You can barley even see them while in game so why add those. They’re a waste of resources. However, clu…
  • (Quote) If you skate backwards into the zone and a defensemen decks you in the back, that’s not a penalty. If it was, wouldn’t players being doing it more? Other than the fact they can hurt themselves from the check from another dimension they’ll g…
  • (Quote) Is that jersey style 53? The penguins one? The logo hangs down too low and touches the waist. It’s been like that last year too.
  • Something told me they wouldn’t do much for the LT spam. And with hitting seeming to be harder this year, it’s gonna be difficult to knock over the ballerinas. Why can’t they simply nerf LT down to the ground. Spinning into the zone isn’t what hock…
  • Just wanted to drop this to remind folks. https://youtu.be/4VV1PrbkK3E EA can do something like this by blowing the the play dead or giving the offending team a penalty. Players have been asking for something to be done about this for a long time.…
  • (Quote) They added in the Adidas templates via a patch last year. They can certainly do it again. For adding in the original uniforms I don’t know why they don’t or can’t.

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