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  • I hear ya man.....getting bored of playing as a WR.....especially with all the bugs. My guy just stops running in the middle of his route.
  • DEFENSIVE CAMERA POV (Franchise Mode) - this this a bug? It gives the option in the camera options (visual feedback), but doesn't work
  • Thanks for that video....I've had the hunch that it is a bug too. If you go to the camera options in settings (visual feedback)...there's an option for "Defensive Perspective" and "Player Lock", but neither of these actually work. Pretty disappointed as all I do is play as a defensive player in Franchise. Hopefully it's…
  • Same -_- massive disappointment. Hopefully they fix this....EA always finds a way to **** up
  • I completely agree! It may be a bug though because there's an option for "defensive perspective" in the camera options. Hopefully they fix this bug OR get this camera angle back. Literally bought the game...made my CB....noticed this and haven't played it since. Such a disappointment
  • I'm having the same issue! It might be a bug though because if you go to the options for your camera settings (visual feedback), it says that you can have the view be "defensive perspective" and to have "player lock"....neither of these work. Hopefully they fix this bug OR create an option for us defensive mindset players.…
  • I agree with all of this. Also, is it just me or is there a bug where the camera doesn't lock onto your player in Franchise Mode, while selecting Player as your role? In the Camera options, there's an option for Player Lock and to have your camera be from the defensive perspective, while playing defense - this isn't…
  • @DevelopmentTeam....lets get this fixed!
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