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  • Lamar Jackson at launch and Lamar Jackson after patch, are two entirely different players... they didnt change the game play, they changed the player? but now hes nerfed into a slow scrub. EA is all over the place
  • Please fix no-hudle, so that it is not a time warp screen
  • Please turn off "Accelerated clock" when I select accelerated clock off
  • Please bring back Audible to Onside Kick Return, don't take so many steps backwards
  • I think EA's entire Madden platform is unstable, so they can't make an changes or the delicate balance is out of whack. We knew from last year, players felt kind of all the same. Rankings really didnt matter too much. Weight, height, momentum, agi…
  • When I hit Y on defense I want the player to jump, but he does only if EA thinks its time to let him jump. If I hit X, I want him to dive, but sometimes EA says, he can only jump (flail) there. Has anyone been able to jump during a field goal, I ca…
  • I don't know why the controls have to change, when they've been the same for so long. Just basic line shifting is different. Why wont my guy jump when I press Y during a field goal. Why is the strip ball animation so ridiculous (and I've never str…
  • For some reason Madden doesnt want us to use 5 receivers. And rarely can we get 4. There is no 4 receiver set out of the single back anymore. You can find a handful of 4-wide in the "EMPTY" sets, under create a playbook. Aside, you alw…
  • Jonesy - Skins, THANK YOU! They pretend to put in RPO, but some lazy clown just destroyed all the stretch plays, OUR FAVORITE RUN PLAY. Cant flip it, cant bring motion. Its like could you add the play, not just change what was there. Its so lazy.…
  • "Challenge Play" doesn't exist anymore. To much work for developers. It just remains in the menu's as a relic, and artifact, of what once was
  • We're dreaming if we think the new abilities are going into our old franchises. I want the old Lamar Jackson back, the nerfed one is strange and frustrating
  • The new "clock" is so terrible. It accelerates out of the huddle, when the CPU kicks, and its a time warp during "no-huddle". I don't know how they could decide to just mess up the clock. Maybe the developers dont like to play…
  • Play without the CAP, maddens franchise progressions is so poorly thought out and designed, why go through the hassle of staying within the cap. I noticed my Owner Mode started with 300 million? Things get so strange late in a franchise, you might a…
  • Drafted players are always suspect on the field too, regardless of ratings, In particular DBs, never trust drafted CBs, they stand a lot and get torched on d
  • CPU has been reduced to trash play calls, or unstoppable down field mode. Play calling is poor, clock management is no existent. Almost worse than 19. the issue is the clock run off in "no huddle" is so strange, even the CPU has no idea …
  • Ive been uninstalling, reinstalling, and factory rebooting the console repeatedly since MADDEN 20 came home. The factory reset is hold the button the left side, then the eject button, then hold the power button until you get some beeps. Worth a shot
  • just more of that subtle, lack of attention to detail, that we've come to expect from EA and its madden developers. I think some of the stuff they do, or don't do, in Franchise is supposed to act as a deterrent to us to get us not to play. Have yo…
  • I feel you Kenny, I posted my gripes in General Discussion, Madden 20 Pros and Cons.. I tried to put my finger on it, but there is just something wrong with Madden 20. Some underlying issues that are terrible annoying, and I end up not wanting to p…
  • A key part of my game is to get out of bounds, or at least head out of bounds, so hopefully when I fumble it bounces out. Apparently possession is instantaneous on those lose balls. Redzone, one yard line fumbles are Maddens favorite, especially wit…
  • Just a couple points to the thread. You have to "protect ball" at all times, don't try to get cute and run for more yardage, don't try that stiff arm across the middle. Only protect ball after catches, this will keep those fumbles down. …
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