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  • So I went back to my Madden 21 Wishlist and unfortunately, everything I had for Franchise remains because M21 was a carbon copy of M20. So here we go again. I'm strictly an offline Franchise player. The two biggest events in football and up there in American sports as a whole, is the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. But in…
  • Yeah Idk why they changed it from years prior, it was always just listed vertically and was saved by Date + autosave, unless you created a file name. I had two files from M21, they go horizontal and have no names or dates. I believe they also removed the "last played" option as well.
  • Yeah I had the same problem with cutting my players as well. Had to keep Xing out of the cut players menu and go back in at certain times. Crazy that this glitch is in there when Franchise is copy and pasted from M20 and to my knowledge, this glitch was never in the game before.
  • Unbelievable that nothing was added to Franchise. There is literally nothing in these "features" that should make anybody want to spend their money on Madden 21. EA signed an exclusivity extension for the simulation football video game. Correct me if im wrong here, but MUT is not simulation football, Franchise mode is…
  • I want EA to make the score board more realistic. Put it at the bottom. Lose the inflated Logos. Add teams records. This is just something I threw together quick as an example.
  • Not only is the game bad gameplay wise but its just so damn boring. Im a franchise player, I dont touch MUT or QB1 modes, and there is just nothing to do. Even the things they added are flawed. X Factor was a huge disappointment IMO. Defensively its super OP; X Factor D End gets 5 sacks a game and LBs/Safety's force way…
  • > @616rexfortis said: > After further research, the true root of the problem is not EA but it's modern-day NFL. What modern-day NFL calls a "draw" isn't a true draw play as they're calling simple shotgun run plays draws and those are NOT draws. A true draw first appears as a pass and then turns into a run. A draw in 2020…
  • I have quite a few problems with Madden and things I would like to see added for the next gen. (Mind you I am strictly a offline Franchise user) Starting with Off season, - More realistic contract offers. Free agency is always overpaying for players. I want to see more realistic deals for guys as well as battles for…
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