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  • Ea completely made madden look better but as of game play I can’t even use what I use to in madden or playbook it has to do with player moment as if they were floating it was better movement on old gen then new gen I think they Ruined it I’m just going to stop playing and play 2k hopefully they figure out out how to make…
  • Seats in madden next gen on Pittsburgh’s field are orange when they are yellow in real life if this game is too feel more real get the colors right
  • [quote="ijohnson46;c-2078926"]Ea please fix the ball carrier player motion please it still feels very stiff and “robotic”. A good game of real player motion and cuts was madden 25 if you can update it to feel like that, a lot of people in the community would respond better to the ball carrier controls. Tell me if this is a…
  • Ea please fix the issue where in online play say your in a game competitive all of a sudden the game will speed up for no reason it really screws up plays when u could of won. Just saying make the game to where you dont wanna play it if anyone agrees please pay attention to this post and let ea know to fix this issue i k…
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