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  • So you’re telling me Franchise has still not received a single addition to the game mode or a sizable update yet The Yard has NBA players added?? How about update to the playbooks.. when is this coming? Week after week EA proves their promises were nothing short of ****. They haven’t kept their word and with Cam Newton at…
  • Franchise Players: We just want to be able to have features that are necessary to control, staff, and build a franchise that replicate a real life experience as much as possible. EA: Best we can do is a roster update
  • Why can’t Franchise get additions to game pre-launch? It is a new game right? Or is it just a roster update with a new cool color scheme and layout. We know your playbook.
  • I love how @EA_KRAELO didn’t respond to any of the concerns about practice squads in franchise or formation subs bugs! Not even any updates or explaining why they weren’t fixed in a title update. They are really showing us there promises mean nothing. No fixes, no updates on when to expect those fixes, and he skipped right…
  • @EA_Blueberry If franchise mode is valued, we will get this within the next two weekly updates. Players can also be reinstated by week 3, so those put on IR shouldn’t have 8 week injuries. Another thing that HAS to be addressed! Damien Harris is on IR and can return week 3, so let’s say Live Franchise was available like it…
  • It’s sad man, it really is because we love the NFL so much. The exclusive license is the only reason anyone buys this game. I’ve lost all hope.. :( @EA_Blueberry @EA_Roger @EA_KRAELO are you ever going to listen to your community and change this game? Do you guys take pride in the products you put out to your consumer at…
  • @cjacks009 i feel you. 5’9 DBs mossing 6 foot 3 225 pounds wideouts. It’s not at all a good representation of real life football. Blueberry on here when talking about size/weight/speed being a factor in Madden said something along the lines of “if we did that wouldn’t people just stack up with the fastest, strongest,…
  • Bring back the features you’ve taken out from old games! You’re telling me after almost a decade of neglecting a game mode this is all you are going to add to the mode? How about letting the consumers decide. This is what’s disappointing and why it’s hard to get excited about. EA is so far behind, that adding new features…
  • Raised to the EA team on or before Sept. 4th and as of today... no fix or update. EA does not care about its customers, especially those who play franchise.
  • Still no update. This is completely unacceptable. EA doesn’t even care enough to give us an update on when we can expect a fix. This is the only game mode I play and am starting to feel like those who are like me, who only play franchise, deserve a refund. Very close to shelving this game for the year, it’s a pathetic…
  • @pab75 if you select the spot you’d like to switch very fast you can. I hate the bug as well but for now that’s the best way I’ve found around it.
  • I had a play where a safety in zone in the sub linebacker position didn’t react to a scrambling Russell Wilson until he had blown past him for 25 yards. Defensive AI logic is still completely flawed and as far as franchise goes, it did not see a single improvement. I also don’t expect some title update in November to be…
  • I feel your frustration and I can tell many are beginning to notice this as well as I have realIzed for years. This year they sold this game to franchise users by completing lying to us, saying they were going to add additions to this years Madden not telling us it wouldn’t be until November! Not to mention the legacy…
  • Yes and man coverage as well. Many times I see a player is wide open but no one too switch too because he blitzed.
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